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How to add 1 to a field when a record is updated

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Hello world,

I’m new to airtable and to this community and I think that I need your help :pray:

I have a integer field (called “votes”) that is set to 1 when a record is created.
I have a checkbox field which is not filled by default.

I created this automation :
When record matches this criteria = Checkbox is filled
Then I want to update the record’s field “votes” by adding 1

But as it’s a integer field I can only “Add a number” :confused:

Can you advice me on what should I do please ?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

1 Solution

Accepted Solutions

Create the formula field in the grid view.

See Solution in Thread

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Create a formula field that adds one to the integer field.
Then have the automation update the editable field with the formula result.

Thanks :winking_face:

That’s what I tried but the only thing I can do my field is “Add a number”.


Create the formula field in the grid view.


yes that’s what I did

I figured it out !!! :smiling_face:
I’m not sure it’s the best way but it still works
thanks :handshake: