How to keep original data in field when updating that field with an automation

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I am stumped on this, but I imagine it's something fairly straightforward.

I want to run an automation that will copy data from one field (Copy-to-field) to another (Copy-from-field) but preserve the original data in the Copy-to-field.

Note - the Copy-to-field is a look-up field.

The trouble is, when the Copy-to-field contains data, it  is wiped by the new data from the Copy-from-field.

I have tried adding the Copy-to-field as a data source in the Copy-to-field in the automation, along with the new data I want added but this throws up two problems:

1. It combines the original data with the new data, rather than keeping them as separate entities as I need, which is important because this is a look up field (i.e. it creates a new combined record in the look-up table e.g. instead of 'Joe' and 'Bob' as two distinct entities, the entry just become a single entity 'Joe Bob' )

2. If the Copy-to-field already contains the data that is being copied over from the Copy-from-field, then the data just repeats (I do not want it to repeat) and also runs into the same problem as 1.) above. E.g 'Joe'  is in the Copy-from-field and the Copy-to-field already contains 'Joe', I end up with 'Joe Joe', whereas I obviously just want 'Joe'

I hope that makes sense. I am writing this with two different examples in mind, so I hope I haven't confused matters. I would be ever so grateful if someone could help me solve this.

Does this involve using a script? 


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