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How to move record from one table to another when a future date is reached

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Is it possible to move a record from one table to another table in the same base when a future date is reached?

i.e. Record A in Table A expires 25/11/2022, on expiry Record A is written in Table B.

If this is possible, how would I go about implementing it? Is there a Script I can use or do I need to Build an Extension? Any assistance you might be able to give would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

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An update:

I looked at creating an Automation using the following sequence:

  • Trigger Type - When record matches conditions
  • Configuration
    Table - Table A
    When [FIELD] Date [OPERATOR] Contains [DATE PICKER]

Why can’t a Trigger use the Field Date set in the Record to create an Action? It seems like an oversight not to have Equals as an Operator.

Each new Record in Table A will have a different date in the future so I cannot set an automation for each future date as that will change.

Once the each Record reaches its set Date the Record is Removed from Table A and creates a Record in Table B.

Any ideas?

@Team1 - you are on the right lines. I’m guessing each record has an expiration date, so what I would do is create a view that contains the records that have expired (filter: expired date < TODAY, for e.g.). Then your automation can be:

“when record enters view (expired records), create the record in table B”

A more general point - you might consider if copying the record to another table is the right thing to do. In some cases it is, but in a lot of cases you don’t want to separate records of the same type. The alternative would be to have some status field on the record, e.g. status = active or status = expired, and use Airtable views to show or hide records that you don’t need to see.