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How to SEND AN EMAIL based on NEW RECORDS based on a condtion trigger

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Hi Airtable Fans,
I am a fan of Airtable Automation but can’t find out something.

This is my automation goal:

  • When create a record

  • IF New Record match X condition (X could be “contain text …” in cell)

  • Then send an email

I don’t find how to put condition before sending an email.

And if I start automation with condition

  • “When record matches conditions”, then it triggers all rows that meet the condition, not only the new records.
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Hmm, what’re you trying to achieve with the “New Record” condition? Is it just to ensure that the automation only runs once per record?

Exactly. I want that email is sent if and only if a new record match a certain condition (containing a special word).

Could you have a view filtered on « if field (in new record) contains “word” »

Then an automation triggered by “when record enters view” (above view name).

Would this combination work for you?

Ah okay. If I were you I’d create a field to track whether an email was sent for that record or not instead, e.g. with a checkbox

The automation would then trigger based on conditions:

  1. match X condition (X could be “contain text …” in cell) like you wanted
  2. Checkbox is empty

And its actions would be to send the email, and also an Update Record action to mark the checkbox