How to performe a Reverse FilterByFormula ?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I don't know how to perform the following query in a Script code:

1. I have a table A of records with field short URL

  1. https://my.url/path1
  2. https://my.url/path2/path3

2. I have a table B of records with field long URL (like https://my.url/path2/path3/path5?x=y )

Given a record from table B, how can I find all records from table A that have a short URL starting like the long URL ?

  • Should I iterate on all records of Table B and check if shortURL indexOf my longURL
  • I can't short/cut my longURL then query Table B (because I don't know where to cut)
  • May be there is an AirTable formula? that check if record's field is part of my longURL ?


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