How to increment whenver a new record is created in Another table

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4 - Data Explorer

I have 2 tables in my base . Table 1 have multiple records while table 2 only has single record . Table 2 has a field (lets say voucher)  with data type number. Whenever a new record is added in Table 1 ,I would like to Increment the value of a field (voucher ) with 1.

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Link all table1 records to the table 2 record (fill first by hand, then copy-paste it to the whole column).
Use Count field type in table 2. 
Create automation that will trigger in table 1 when record match condition - link is empty.
Set action - fill link field with static value (linking to the record in table2)

If you need to preserve your 'voucher' number field, add second action - copy value from count to voucher.