How to send a link that allows people to update their record automatically

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! New Airtable uses and non-techy type, so thank you for your patience and translations if I use the wrong lingo.

I have a database with appx 800 records, each record represents a person. I’d like to send an email to everyone and have them respond to a question that I would like to automatically add into the record.

I understand how to make a form (I think), but am unclear about how to automatically send a link that would pull into this current base. I can create a new one, but that seems like a bit of double handling. I’ve had a brief look at the Zapier option, but it seems costly and like quite a bit more than what I need to do on this instance.

Also I eventually need to add an automation that sends an email when a certain box is ticked. But I think that will be a bit easier than this first challenge!



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