"Cannot parse datetime"" when event is all day event to export to Google calendar

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4 - Data Explorer

I must be as dumb as a box of rocks, but I cannot figure this out.

I am trying to make all day events export to my Google calendar. In the Automations configuration screen, I have “all day event” checked, which you would THINK would negate the need for specific dates/times to be added. Apparently that is not the case. The form won’t let you even run a test unless you put in a start and end date.

Originally I had a single Date field, but I kept getting “Unable to parse datetime:”" error. Soooo, I added a new field to my base (which I don’t really need & it clutters my view up to NO end) to add an end date. Thus now I have a start date table field and an end date table field, both configured as “Date - US”. Same error message.

Do I really need to add times for all day events that don’t require same?

I’ve read all the other threads on this and haven’t come up with anything that helps, I guess b/c nobody else is trying to set up all day events? Also, I’m no kind of genius with formulae whatsoever, but I think I correctly tried to apply a couple of the fixes I saw, to no avail.

I’ve also deleted and recreated the Automation several times.

I’m completely lost. Help would be most appreciated!

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