How to set up task due date reminder using email lookup field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’ve built out a reminder that notifies someone when a task due date is reached. The one thing I’m struggling with is getting the “to” field to populate correctly.

I have a tab with all project contacts, including their work email. One the action item tab, an owner is assigned in a lookup field. That then pulls their email in as well, and my intent was to use that column to populate the email TO field. But because it a lookup field, rather than just an email field, the automation is failing. If I replace that with a single email, everything works fine.

The formula I’m trying to use for that field is Field Values → Work Email (from owner) → Value. “Work Email (from owner)” is the lookup that is pulling from another tab based on the selected task owner.

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It should work just fine with a lookup field, even if your lookup field has multiple email addresses in it.

I would make sure that it’s looking up an actual email field, not a text field.

I figured it out this morning. Predictable, it was something simple.

The call was grabbing the email field ID instead of the value. Once that was cleaned up, ran great. For anyone else who is looking, here’s the setup:

I have a “Due Date” column, and a hidden column (“Trigger Reminder”) that updates the value to “Trigger Reminder” when the Due date is reached. That’s done via formula.

    {End date},
    NOW() >= {End date}
  "Trigger Reminder"

Then this automation sends the reminder: