How to sync record between two tables in different bases

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Good morning everyone.

I have two different databases because I organize two different companies and sell cars. Both have their own car stock but I would like to create a table with both stocks together (they have the same column format). The IDs of the two tables are AUTONUMBER but I could use the frame as the unique id.

I currently did this:
1) created a synchronized table from database B to database A
2) created record creation automation from database sync table B to table A (works)
3) when I try to create the record update automation it always gives me an error, I don't know what to put in the RECORD ID field because it only offers me the data from table B, not A

I also tried with Zapier, Make, anyway...

How can I solve it? I am going crazy!!

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So this automation is in Database A and inside Database A you've got Table A and Synced Table B

And what you want now is that when a record is updated in Synced Table B, you want the record in Table A to get updated, is that right? 

If so, you're going to need to identify the record in Table A that you want to update in some form.  I would suggest creating a linked field between Table A and Synced Table B, and updating your automation that creates the record in Table A to also link them together.  That way you can use the link in your Update Record automation

Perfect! Can u write me better how can i create this automation? Have u got a video or screen about that? 

Thank you very much!!

Hmm how to set it up really depends on your base setup I'm afraid; if you could DM me a creator invite link to your base I could try to set it up for you real quick!