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Hyperlinks Not Active in Email Automations

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Good Afternoon!

I am attempting to send an automated email out to my teachers once a week with a miniextension link to a website to update the student record. I have everything built and it works perfectly EXCEPT the hyperlinks (from a hyperlink field) do not seem to work in Microsoft Outlook (which I am using to send the emails in automations). I tried straight from the base using the blue plus sign, I used markdown [name](hyperlink field), and I also tried HTML code for rendering hyperlinks. No go EXCEPT when I sent it to my personal Yahoo account. Please see the attached for the message setup and the output. Thanks!!!


Message Setup

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I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

We did. Our school district did not provide with high enough access for those email addresses to show using our institutional MS Office 365. They had to change my permissions.