Automation - if checkbox ticked, copy text from one table to another

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4 - Data Explorer

Be kind - new Airtable user here!!!

I’m struggling with something that seems simple, but perhaps not…
In this table named Pitching Status:
Screenshot (17)
I am trying to do the following:
If the checkbox (field 1) is checked
then I want to use the SongName (field 2) to find the matching record in the Songs table shown here:
Screenshot (18)
Then I want to copy the Client contact details that I’ve looked up in the first table (field 3) to the SONGS table (field 4)

Any bright ideas!?!?

Any assistance would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Here’s a solution but caveat - I have a concern that things will break down if you have duplicate song names …

In your first table (Pitching Status) create a new field which is a linked record field to the songs table at the same time select one additional look up field which is client contact details…

Create an automation that copies the song name field into this new field when the box is ticked

then this should connect the song id and the detail field in the pitching status table.

I hope this helps - but I am concerned about the overall structure of your database - and the labelling of your primary key / name field not just for this automation but also for the future integrity of the data

Best of luck

Thanks heaps Russell. I’ll look into it.
The table is a template from someone else, I’m just modifying it without much Airtable experience, hence my confusion.

Re the song names, the Song Name field in the table Pitching Status is a Lookup, so I don’t think there are duplicate song names fields, are there?

Thanks, Fiona