I got charged and made the workspace in "Plus plan" but still can't use "Run script" feature

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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve upgraded my account and I can verify that $12 has already been charged. But I still couldn’t use “Run script” feature inside the Automations tab for a space belonging to the workspace that is in “Plus plan”.

And also, I can still see the alert “Over limits” in the page of one space. But since I’m in Plus plan now, it shouldn’t give me this alert.

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Maybe try logging out & logging in again?

Welcome to the Airtable community!

In order to run an automation script, you need to be on a full “Pro” plan, not the “Plus” plan and not a “pro trial”.

The warning regarding record limits does not recalculate instantly. The record limits for a Plus plan are also higher than the limits for a free plan, but not as high as the limits for a pro plan. The record limits also apply to the entire base, and include all records in the entire base across all tables, even records hidden from view.

Got it. Thank you all for the replies. This issue can be marked as solved.