I have a problem with Outlook Calendar on automation

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4 - Data Explorer

So, I have created a booking system exactly like this How to make a simple booking system with Airtable! - YouTube , but I want to make an automation whenever the form is submitted, it will create a new event on Outlook. The problem is, the video doesn't show how can I automatically get the meeting end date & time, so I have a trouble at the automation configuration, since I have tried many several ways like doing formula to add on the date but it keeps giving me error, I have done various things as well but the automation does not show the meeting end date and time, instead they give me the options for length, value or record ID which does not make sense at all.

Any idea on how I can approach this to work? I need it asap... if it's possible 😞 

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Hey @celestialuna

Could you give us more details about the workflow? How/when it starts and which are the actions that follow?