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Invalid filter on {field name} error

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Trying to get an automation going where if the text output of a field (i.e Prop1Text) from a formula field (Prop1) that is parsing the input (Property) matches the text in a different view, the “status” field is updated to my desired option.

I had an issue with my first test because when the request for multiple properties came in, the “prop” field had all of them in a single string and that failed the previous automation find record if “Property”
in master list is “Prop” Text then update. Currently i am getting the “invalid filter on Property field” error when I try to do a find record action

I had read that formula fields cause issues during lookup automation (not sure entirely) so I had it copy the text from the formula field “Prop1” into a single line field “Prop1Text” by another automation. That is working perfectly fine, but i am stuck at trying to get the matching record ID to update that status of that specific record

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So my original trigger was when a record was updated, changing the trigger to when a record matches a specific condition allows me to go through with it and even use the formula column. Just concrened now that since it is when a record matches a specific condition it will read all of the records that match that and do it for all of them every time.

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That won’t happen. The automation will only trigger on records that match the condition after the automation has been turned on, ignoring records that match the condition at the time the automation is activated. Once the automation runs for a given record, that record will need to un-match the condition and then re-match it for the automation to fire again.