Is Automation limited to one time a record?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear All, I have got a situation, where I try to have a single update will trigger two records changes (one to many relationship), like below:


When I change back to 1 on 1 relationship, the automation works.  Because the two entries are on the same column, so that I can't refer one to another.

Any suggestion to me?

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An update record action will only work if there is exact one record ID. You cannot submit multiple record IDs to a single Update Record action and have it update all of the records.

Some options include moving the automation around to the linked table and using a lookup of a rollup on the linked table to indicate when the automation should fire. 

Another option is to use scripting. 
or if you will have a maximum of two linked records, you might be able to use conditional rollups or a rollup and formula fields to split the linked record IDs into different fields. But that is rather complicated are rarely worth the complexity.