Best way to Automate recurring Show and Segment Creation

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I'm helping a TV Station track their various weekly productions and was looking for help on a way to automate the creation of future recurring show and segment records. The main issue I am running into is how do I populate future Date and Time fields for the various productions in an automation based upon each productions schedule/template.

For context each of the 8 productions has a base with a table called "Shows" that has a one to many relationship with a "Segments" Table with the following fields.

Shows TableSegments Table
Status (Single Select: Pitch, Production, Aired)Placement (Single Select: A, B, C, etc)
Air Date & TimeTaping Date and Time
Segments (Linked Records) 

Two production template/schedule examples

Shows TableSegments Table
Show 1 - 12-15-22 7pm Air DateSegment A - 12-15-22 4pm Taping Date
 Segment B - 12-15-22 4:30pm Taping Date
Shows TableSegments Table
Show 2 - 12-15-22 10am Air DateSegment A - 12-15-22 7am Taping Date
 Segment B - 12-15-22 7:30am Taping Date
 Segment C - 12-15-22 8:00am Taping Date
 Segment D - 12-15-22 8:30am Taping Date

The trigger each automation would be IF Show Status = Aired then create a new " production template" preferably 3 months out so they can have a backlog for planning!

Thank you in advance for everyone who helps, this has been a puzzle that my brain is having trouble solving!!

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Hi Kevin, from what I understand of what you're trying to do, yeah, this should be doable.  An automation with a "Run a script" action would be simplest probably

If not, the alternative is to force the creation of new records by pasting unique comma separated values into a linked field, and you can find an example of that here

The example works by:
1. Having an automation that finds the relevant template records and pastes them into a specific text field
2. Having a formula field that will format it into a unique comma separated list of values
3. Having another automation that will then paste the values from the previous point into a linked field, forcing multiple record creation