Issues when assigning items to a cell

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello community I am having issues with a table of mine. I run a trucking company and have a table to calculate my estimated expenses down to a per mile bases. So I assign expenses and revenue to certain cells and it help generate my CPM. Although I am have an issue that is making things more time consuming. When I assign and revenue or expense to a cell it does not remove the item from the selected field of available expenses or revenue. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? 

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6 - Interface Innovator

@Jghost1800 we probably need more context and information to help. Can you post the tables & fields?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

screenshoteasy (2).pngscreenshoteasy (1).pngscreenshoteasy.png

screenshoteasy (2).pngscreenshoteasy (1).pngscreenshoteasy.png

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So essentially as I assigned a particular expense or load to cell it is not eliminatedscreenshoteasy (3).png from the field and can be assigned to multiple months. 

I think you should automate it. In the Table with expenses, add formula 


Here you can find a doc for possible date formats,  
if you want another text representation of the date

I suppose your Date field is Date Paid.
Improve the formula to avoid "ERROR!" if the date is empty.

IF({Date Paid}, 

And then add automation that will auto-link each new record appear in Expenses.

It should work for records where a formula field you added is not empty, but the link to expenses is empty


It should just copy a formula output to the link field. 


Note it will auto-create new record in Table1 when the record with new 'month year' appears, for example September 2023. 
I hope that will help you.

Thanks for your input. I will make the changes and let you know how it goes. 

Hi I have made steps in the right direction. But I can not solve the issue myself. I am very new to using this platform any recommendations to use in order to better understand how to use the flatform? 

Where are you getting this link to table selection? Or what are you referring to. 

sorry for late answer.
It's automation, where you should choose trigger.
Some triggers might work almost in the same moment, for example "When form submitted" and "new record created" (because form submission results in a new record). But when you created it by hand, no form submissions happened. Worse, trigger "when record created" clicks on the new record with empty values, so  you cannot this trigger used in rare cases.
So, in your case use one of the most used triggers - "When record matches condition". The logic is simple - when some record has date entered in {Date Paid}, but not linked to the date in "Table 1", formula will format this date like "September 2023" and trigger will run action.
In Action, you put "Update record", select table, field, and then value to put into, which you should select from input trigger data and all previous steps.