Limit Field Values of an item based on values of other items with matching group field

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Guys,
I am evaluating AirTable for our warehouse inventory tracking and i am enjoying it.

I was wondering if someone can help me in answering the following Scenario:

  • I have items that belong to the same Purchase order for a specific Job, and typically all items on that order would come from the same supplier.
  • So my items would have a POnum Field and a SupplierName Field. And based on the above, all items with the same POnum should have the Same SupplierName.
  • So is there a way to limit the drop down of the supplier filed so it only shows that same SupplierName from a previous item with the POnum, OR set the value directly for the SupplierName instead of limiting the dropdown?

I hope this clear.

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