Linking an external punch clock to Airtable?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is there a way that i could link an external punch clock to an airtable base? I need to set up a system but don’t want to change the employees habit of punching in/out with the existing box. Any help/advise?

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Airtable has a number of built-in integrations, but a punch clock is pretty specific. Where do you usually view the punch clock data? It’s possible you could use Zapier (an external service) to sync your data to Airtable.

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How do you currently get the data from the punch clock, and can the punch clock provide the data in other ways? For example, is the clock attached to a computer? Is the clock hooked up to a service provider that has an API?

Are you looking for a workflow involving a human using Airtable directly? For example, a human importing a CSV file that was created by the clock.

Or are you looking for a workflow that does not involve a human at all? (This is much more complex and would require connecting to a cloud-based service.)