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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

This is my first time in the community so I am learning as I go forward 🙂

I have 9 bases for 9 different countries that have their own data and interfaces. However, I want to have these 9 bases synced into one base which I did using the import from airtable and sync function. The problem is joining these 9 synced bases in one table. 

I tried scripts, I tried automation based on time to create new records (still facing major issues with this) and the main problem is when it comes to updating the info in the main table with the 9 synced bases. Since airtable creates its own records ID, I am not able to do the updates because whenever airtable creates an ID and then you copy it to another table the ID changes.

Regarding the scripts, since we have info linked between tables, drop-down and check boxes in the tables the script is not able to do the required copy or update.

Any idea how to work around this?

Thank you for your help

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