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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Airtable community!

I would like to have an easier work with my tabs and no to think or miss something in future when its go bigger and im thinking about linking my data. I know ho to link some of cells collumns from one table to another and automate these two. But im not sure about this how to do that thibg

I have database for my networking and different tables. Examples:

  1. general contact
  2. customers
  3. pre-orders, potentional customers

in every table i have “last contact” to track when we spoke last time to to follow up.
I wanted to link up this “last contact” which is created in #1 general contact with #2 customers and #3 pre-orders.
If i change last contact in #1 general so it switch on #2 or #3 (depends who im communicating with) and also want to switch from potencional customers to customers after sale.

so example.
I have Michaela in generas. I started to talk with her about my product and but her in #3 like potential customers. (she is in #1 + #3). When i meet her later i change last contact to actual day on #1 general (automatical switch on #3 potential). and after she buys i move her to #2 customers and change last contact. When i follow up her later I wanted also change last contact in general and automaticaly update in #2 customers.

Is that possible? thank you so much everybody :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whew. Possible? Absolutely. Doing one or two things one or two or 25,000 times so that we don’t have to is why the Automation and Scripting environments exist.

If this isn’t too time-sensitive and you feel like pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for a bit, then learning enough to be able to accomplish what you said will probably take a week or two. Just don’t try brure-forcing your way through the syntax. JS alwayys wins if you do that, despite the whole language having fewer words than tthese two paragraphs do hah.

Look at the docs from either the Scripting app or the code editor that you can access from an automation step in that base of yours.

Those links at the bottom:


The docs are dynamic and will lay out examples of every custom Airtable method there is - using your base, table, field, collaborator names, etc., so it’s all guaranteed to work and you’ll have live examples of all the little things you can do to poll your data with a script. Extrapolating that will be hard, especially since the next step is to close every Airtable tab on your computer and go spend an afternoon reading up on JS basics.

This gives you a way greater chance at making it through this initial, most would agree most frustrating period of learning. Speaking of,this is a safe start. Airtable itself links to MZ prominently in its own docs whenever something… JavaScripty starts getting in the way of good technical writing. While I still encourage you to play with the interactive docs first because “they just work”, do go to Mozilla then before going back. Don’t waste your time deciphering their docs character-by-character, a bit of time with the MZ documentation should give you a proper headstart to following a third-party spec.

And when you start experimenting, do check out the two or three existing scripts on the store that already deal with creating large volumes of record-to-record links.

I’d say try it for at least a day or two and if you decide you hate it, there’s always the option of just hiring someone on these boards (there’s a hiring help subforum) to do this for you. But on the off chance you find the change of pace refreshing, congrats on discovering you have a knack for ttelling computers how to do stuff - that tends to be beneficial to most careers. Sometimes even starts new ones.

If nothing comes off and you decide you’er done - a seasoned coder would likely have those tables interlinked within hours. Automating the behavior after the fact iwould/should be straightforward.