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I’m new in Airtable and I’m trying to build a dating candidates data table.

I store my record as (part of the data): full name, photo, age, height, phone, email, gender, pref_min_height,pref_max_height, pref_maxAge (the pref_ is what the candidate’s preferences)

what I’m looking to do and I want your help if it can be done with Airtable + automation schedule + integration with Whatsapp / Slack:

  1. once a week it checks each record and checks his/her preferences

  2. looking in the table other candidates that match preferences.

  3. send automatically all the offers to Whatsapp(by phone)/slack message(by email)

  4. write all the candidates offers to new Airtable record called “candidates offers”

  5. if the candidate wants any offer, he needs to write the id of the candidate offered by Whatsapp (it should be chatbot) then it will write the new record in Airtable and send the user the offer phone number back to his Whatsapp.

it a complicated app, so I’m trying to understand if I can do something like that in Airtable by automation trigger.

thank you.

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You can, but if you don’t have any coding experience, might want to look into pairing Airtable and Slack with “professional” glue like IFTT or Oh, and be prepared for the tradeoff to be adding more jank to an already suspect UX. And thiis is all assuming you’re working on some kind of a prototype app/system that would get a proper redesign if your proof-of-concept makes
a point (I’m an optimist😅).

But yeah, Id say your overall conclusion/intention sounds doable, if a bit convoluted to implement using just no-code software. Oh, and I’d point toward Slack sooner than WhatsApp. On account of tthe Slack-Airtable integration being brilliant, easy to set up, and reliable. Don’t think there’s direct Wapp support, either, but even if there was, Facebook products are I think still made under the “move fast and break things” slogan haha, I’d feel safer with Slack, you need some safety given this big, figurative Frankenstein you’re about to start duct-taping together. Best of luck either way.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey, thanks for your answer.
I’m trying to understand how to schedule automate trigger in Airtable to check some conditions such all the rows in table that their height is by current row requirement.
in addition in slack, should I build slack bot to get the answer of the users and update column in Airtable?