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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone, 

I am trying to automate project numbers in Airtable. For this year I have used autocount to get a rising number of project IDs. My problem now is that for every new year, I want to reset this count. 

So for example the last project in 2022 had the ID 22-105 and the first one for this year should be 23-001.

My logic for this function was

If [previous_record_date_year] == [current_record_date_year] {
   [current_record_number] = [previous_record_number] +1
} else {
   [current_record_number] = 1

Is there a way to implement it that way or am I thinking too lazy?

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I would argue that you're not thinking lazy ENOUGH!  If I were you I'd just make a new `Autonumber` field for this year instead hahahah

But then I would need to create a new Table for every year which sadly messes with my automations.  

Ahh, yeah fair enough.  And I take it you want all of your projects to be in a single table, if not you'd just duplicate the table, use the duplicate as the archive, and clear out the main one

I reckon if I had a Pro account I'd just script it, and if not I'd link all the projects to a single helper record and use a "Count" field with an automation to paste that count value into the project's ID?