Looping through all fields that ARE NOT empty and appending to Long Texrt

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everybody,

I’m using a form view for each of my tables that end up creating somewhat of a customer support request. A customer would fill out this form, we’d then turn that record into a JIRA ticket.

Because there are no automations that currently work with JIRA Server as well as they would with JIRA Cloud, I’d like to run a scripting block that checks all fields that are not empty and append the field name and it’s content to a Long Text field on the record.

“What you like to do X(FieldName):
Yes (Content of field)”

The Long Text field would allow me to just copy and paste all non empty fields and their content into a JIRA ticket’s description manually.

Would like to know if this is possible or if I should look into something else?

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