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6 - Interface Innovator


I’d like to have my automation that is currently triggered by a When record matches condition to only run once per day. It seems the only way to have an automation run at set times is to set the trigger as At a scheduled time. However switching the trigger to be time dependent means I can’t have a When record matches condition rule.

Any suggestions on how to make my automation time dependent so that it only run once per day?

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Add a formula field that returns the time of “today”. HOUR(NOW()) will work.

Then add as a condition to your automation that the Formula field >= 7 or something to have it run at 7am GMT. Adjust the number for your preferred time and timezone.

Note that relying on exact timing with NOW() is iffy at best. The automation will fire anywhere from 5 mins to a few hours after the value hits “7” because Airtable only recalculates NOW (and TODAY) frequently when you have the base open, and otherwise recalculates every hour or so. See the note on this help article.

Thank you.

It says This group is empty–no actions will run when triggered


Have I put the condition in the right place?

You have your trigger set to run when certain conditions are met. Put the Calculation = 7 there.

Ah like this?


Yep, though I would use “greater than or equal to”