Matching records using fields from two different tables

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! 

I want to create two tables that create "matches" based on certain criteria's between the two tables. The one is for houses, the other for people who are looking for a certain house. As soon as a match is found, a signal needs to be send to a third party tool that sends the specific house to a person. The script that sends this signal to the other tool is already in place.

Whenever a new profile is created or a new house is created/updated, the matching criteria needs to run (we primarly match on price, m2 and location).

My initial thoughts are to run three separate automations based on the create/update triggers with a script that searches through the database.

Is this the most effective approach or would there be a smarter way?

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Hmm, may I know why you think you need a script for this?  Is it that you think there's a possibility of there being >100 matches?  If not, it seems like you could try the following:
1. When a new house is created / updated
2. "Find Record" action that looks for "People" records whose criteria match the new / updated house
3. Script that sends the signal to the other tool to send them the house

And you could do the same in reverse for when a person record is created or updated?

Hi! Thought of this too. The current dataset consists of 200 profiles already, growing with 15 per day. Whenever a house is created, it needs to go through all profiles again to check for a match. Would we be hitting any limits?

Hmm, the main limit would be the number of matches it found as 'Find Record' can only return 100 matches.  If you think that when a new house is added there's even a tiny possibility that the house might match more than 100 people's criteria, then going with the script is the way to go I think