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Multi-Trigger Automations

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I highly suggest adding Multi-Trigger capabilities to Automations. This would enable users to require multiple Trigger rules to take place in order for an action to run. To optimize this functionality, users should have the option to run their automations in three ways:

  1. Only if ALL trigger rules are true
  2. If ANY trigger rules are true
  3. If custom formula is true (i.e.: IF TriggerA and Trigger B are true, OR IF Trigger A is true and Trigger B is false…)
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You can use AND/OR logic for triggering automation in Airtable, so your 1. and 2. suggestion can be done.

As for number 3. I agree it would be really nice and useful addition to add ability to combine AND & OR, it would help a lot, and in our case reduce the number of separate automation we need to build to cover all use cases. Would make life simpler and also provide opportunity to construct some more advanced automation.

@Marko.Petrovic Airtable only allows one trigger per automation, so how is it possible to use AND/OR logic? Perhaps I missed something?

Well I might have not been specific enough, not all trigger types support this (although for some like when record is created and enters the view kinda doesn’t make sens i guess, although there are workarounds you can do with custom views for those) but if you use when record matches condition, where this makes most sense, you can use AND or OR logic

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Ohh I see what you mean, that makes sense. Thanks for your quick response. I’ll update my question at some point.