Need Help with Automating Personalized Emails for Multiple Students from a Single Form Submission

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I work in a school and manage a process where teachers submit a form after grading tests. This form triggers an automated email to the parents. Currently, if multiple students are submitted in the same form, all their names appear in each email sent out. I want to personalize these emails so that each parent receives only their child’s information.

I am considering writing a script that can be triggered by a button. The idea is that when the button is pressed, the records would be split by each student's name, and an automation would then trigger the sending of these personalized emails.

Has anyone implemented something similar or have ideas on how to best approach this? I would greatly appreciate examples of scripts or advice on setting up these automations effectively.

Thank you in advance!

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Yeap that makes sense

When they submit the form, which table does the data go into?  Which field are the teachers using to select the students that need to have their parents emailed?

It links to the student name column in the Student Info table 

Ah, apologies, for me to help I need to know which table the record appears in when they submit the form, and I also need to know which field the teachers are using in that table to select the students that need to have their parents emailed

I think that I'm not understanding what you're trying to tell me, apologies; perhaps you'd like to create a new post and someone else will be able to assist!