Trouble with dynamic updating of records across tables

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I am working with 4 tables of approximately 10,000 records each. The primary field is the name of a specific medical product. I am trying to go through and categorize these products so I also have a field for "category" with multi-agent selection as the field type based on the type of product it is. Some, but not all, of the medical products will be on multiple tables. Is it possible to set up an automation so that if I categorize an agent on one table, it will automatically update the category for that agent on any other tables it happens to be on? I am working on an automation to Find records with a matching agent (medical product) and update them. I believe I am stuck on fine tuning the update since it will be dynamic. I can't quite get it to match the category I want it updated to. Can I do this with just 1 automation or do I need to do 2? How should I structure it/them? Thank you for helping. 

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Hmm, assuming you're categorizing them on Table 1, you'd need an automation that would trigger from Table 1 (maybe via a checkbox or "when record updated"), and its actions would be:
1. Look for a matching agent in Table 2
2. Have a conditional where, if there is a matching agent, update it

And you'd create the same automation for Table 3 and Table 4.  You could theoretically put it all in one automation too, but would be a lot of work to set up I think

Hello @rltourdot 
I don't think that using basic automation steps can handle 10,000 records. Just try if it works.
If basic automation does not work then you need to use Airtable automation or extension scripts.

Airtable automation script is limited to 30 seconds of execution time.
There are 10,000 records on each table and if you don't need to do it based on specific automatic actions. then use the Airtble extension script, which gives more leverage to execute large data. Because this runs on our browser and uses our system resources.

This is bit more technical and confusing but understand this difference is more important while use airtable automation.