Re: Need help with Formulae/Script to match field data b/w two tables and copy matched to third tabl

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Hi folks 🙂



I'm pretty new to airtable automations and looking for some help please.

From the attached screenshot...

I have [Live Projects] table with fields like Opportunities(Buy/Invest/Donate etc), Location, City etc., assigned to the individual projects.

And I have [Onboarding Data] table that has few similar fields assigned to the users based on the selected interests while filling the online form. 

Now I'm looking to match the user opportunities/location with the live projects opportunities/location and create a recommended projects for that particular user. 

So basically once user creates a record in the [Onboarding Data] table it should check if there are any projects in the [Live Projects] table matching with the users opportunities/location and pull that entire projects data to the [Recommended Projects] Table grouped to the user.


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Rather than copy data across tables, it would be better to have one Projects table and separate Live/Recommended/Onboarding/etc. project categories with views. This way you can ingest data into the table that belongs in and not have to consider/maintain automations as your base structure evolves. If Onboarding Data truly is separate from projects, you could keep it and link the projects table to it using linked records + have a simple automation to update linked record field based on some match to Projects (although only if manually updating it becomes a chore).

In short, before going down the automation path, proper base structure can save you a lot of time and headaches later.

Hi @Stephen_Orr1  thanks for your reply!

I agree that having different project views will be a better thing, but my onboarding data is truly separate with mix of user personal info and projects data and requires manual updation frequently.  I will try linking records with simple automation and see how it goes.

I'm trying to find any guidelines/tutorials on automation and having good base structures, do you have/recommend please?

PS: Also I'm new to this community, do you think I can use this thread to post any further questions while trying or should I accept as solution and create new questions?