Need to display a triggered long text field, pre-populated with specific text, on submission form

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


I'd like to update my current job submission form to collect extra details on certain projects.  I only want this new field to appear if Job Type "XYZ" is selected (I know how to do that part!)

Part I need help with:
I need the submitter to answer a few questions pertaining to the job. I'd rather the answers all sit in 1 field rather than have a separate field for each question.  How do I get a Long Text field to be pre-populated with this text, so that when it is triggered to show on the form, all they do is add their answers?
• Question one goes here?
• Question two would be here?
• Question three would be next?
(Note: This answer will help us blah blah blah)


Fingers crossed it's possible.


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