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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone!

We wanted to invite you to a new beta feature: Microsoft Outlook Triggers/Actions for Automations! If you use Outlook for work, you can use these triggers and actions to more deeply integrate email and calendar into your Airtable workflow (similar to our existing Google Calendar, Gmail, and Airtable Email actions and triggers).

The following triggers and actions are now supported:

  • Outlook Trigger: When a new email is received. This trigger fires whenever a new email is received in an Outlook Email account’s inbox. Basic details about the email such as its ID, sender, to/cc/bcc recipients, reply to addresses, message body, received date, importance, and its permalink are included in the output of the trigger.
  • Outlook Trigger: When an event is created. The trigger functions similarly to the existing “Google Calendar: When an event is created” trigger. It fires whenever an event is created in a specified calendar for an Outlook Calendar account. The trigger’s output includes information about the created event such its ID, title, description, start time, end time, location, creator, importance, when it was created, when it was last updated, the email addresses of its attendees, its video conferencing link if it has one, and its permalink.
  • Outlook Action: Create event. This action functions similarly to the existing “Google Calendar: create event” action. It allows the user to create an event in a specific calendar in Outlook Calendar account.
  • Outlook Action: Send email. This action functions similarly to the existing “Gmail: send email” action. It allows the user to send an email directly from their Outlook Email account. The standard email fields of “To”, “CC”, “BCC”, “Reply-To”, “From address”, “Subject”, “Message”, and “Attachments” are supported.

If you’re interested, please sign up for the beta here. Be sure to click the link that appears after filling out the form to enable the feature. Add any feedback either in-product or via this form.

To get started (once you’ve joined the beta), just create a new automation via the Automations sidebar and select these triggers and/or actions:



Thank you in advance for your feedback – and please enjoy the beta!

Evan, on behalf of the Automations team

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@Evan_Purcell , I followed the instructions but I don’t see the Outlook automations enabled for me. Also, I found this more recent support article about these automations: Outlook automation actions – Airtable Support

How can I make this feature available in my account?

@Evan_Purcell I see there’s now additional options to use updates to outlook calendar events and airtable records to trigger changes in one another. That’s great! I spent some time today trying to use the new options to create two-way calendar sync between an Airtable base and an Outlook calendar. I wasn’t quite able to get there. Do you have any advice on how to set up the automations to accomplish this?

If I edit or delete an airtable record, i want to see that change reflected in Outlook, and vice-versa.

@Marty_McCoy - did you manage to get this to work, as trying to accomplish the same but unable to delete events.