New User - Automation or linked records?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I'm a new Airtable user so I'm still getting used to the terminology of the platform, so I appreciate your patience.

I book travel for a company that hosts 28 events during the year. I have set up my base to reflect the information for each event in one table ("All Events"), the entire roster of staff and their details in another table ("Passengers"), and each event also has it's own table that will show everyone who is booked and their flight details ("City Name/Flights").

I would like to add the staff in the "All Events" table, which links to the "Passenger" table (this I figured out). But I also want those profiles of the staff members to populate in their respective "City/Flights" table without having to re-add them. I can't figure out what I need to do to link them to those tables. In the 3rd photo, I had to manually add those names in the "name" column (which are linked to the "passengers" table). But since it's in "Las Vegas Production Flights", I want those names to link to the city in "All Events" that corresponds to the  city they're booked on.

I appreciate any help as a newcomer!


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