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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello guys, sorry for bothering you, but I have a problem, and it seems that I can’t find the solution, so here I am.

So automation goes like this:



  • When I check Active team and add Team Driver (in this case Mike), automation will create
    new record that will look like in the “STEP 3”


  • Automation will create the new record with combination of names of Record 1 (John) & Record 2 (Mike). That Record will have selected the option “Team” and “Active Team?” field will be checked.
  • It will change field “1/2” from “Solo” to “Inactive Profile”
  • Will automatically change “Active Team?” field from 2nd record from NONchecked to Checked.
  • Will add John and Mike as Team drivers in new record.



  • This is a step where problems occur for me.
  • I want some fields from some records to be deleted, once I uncheck the “Active Team?”.
    To be more precise, Once I uncheck that field from John & Mike record,I want “Team driver” field to be deleted from “John & Mike” record. Also, I want “Team” option from “1/2” field to be changed to “Inactive Profile”, and also, I want
    “Mike” and “John” records to be changed too.
  • I want “Mike” and “John” to change their field “1/2” from Inactive to “Solo” and I want their “Team driver” & “Active Team?” fields to be empty (like in step 1).
  • I managed to change “John & Make”, but can’t do it for “John” and “Mike”. Don’t know how…
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Hi @LuckyWheels_Admin
Its not a bother to message us here we are all happy to help.

It sounds like you are on the right track. Instead of thinking “delete” think ‘replace with nothing’. I think you just need to build a few more automations to handle the rest of the scenarios. Try breaking them up into smaller process. Once you get your desired result you can look to combine them.

Tried replacing with “nothing”, but all I get are errors and invalid inputs :confused:

:slightly_smiling_face: My apologies. I did not mean the word nothing. I mean updating the record with nothing.


In my screenshot. When Estimated Points = 4, deleted what ever is in Potential (or replace it with nothing)

Ye ye ye, understood and tried, but no luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you post a screenshot of the error and your setup? Specifically step 4

Setup for STEP 4.



And this is error.


I tried multiple different ones

That is helpful. I started to plug this in and it made me read your request a little more. You will need a way to find records 1 and 2, based on some parameter but with this set up there isn’t much to work with. Before we go too far down this, can you help me understand the logic of having a Name field, and then a look up to another record. would it make sense for the Name column to be a Job or a Date? Then have the team driver linked record allow multiple values. If more than 1 set the 1/2 to team and if 1 set the 1/2 to Solo.

I wonder what happens when we have more than John and Mike to account for or any other combination of people.