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Hello everyone,

I'm asking for your help on a subject that seems simple to me, but which I've been struggling with since this morning.

In my company, airtable is used in particular for the subscription to our newsletter. To date, we have nearly 18,000 subscribers. I would like to create an automation that would allow me to send a slack push, every Monday at 8am, with the number of subscribers to the newsletter and the evolution of the number of subscribers since the last week.


Do you have any idea how to do this? please

Thanks in advance 



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Hmm, at the very least you'd need to store the previous week's count somewhere, and that might be best served with a new table called "Summary" or something

You could then create a single record in there and link all of your subscriber records to it, then create a "Count" field, giving you a count of all of your subscriber records

After that, you could then create a "Number" field called "Last week's count"

Then, create an automation that will run every monday at 8am that will:
1. Send a Slack message with the value from the "Count" field (i.e. this week's count), as well as the value from the "Last week's count" field
2. Update that record by pasting the current value in the "Count" field into the "Last week's count" field

I think that should do what you're looking for!
If you know scripting, you could just write a quick script to handle this for you instead of using the rollups too