Outlook calendar create event automation, Event ID not working

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6 - Interface Innovator


I’ve created an automation to add records to a shared calendar. Everything seemed ok when I was testing it with dummy data on a test table, and indeed when I cut and paste the actual data back in to the real table, to recreate the records (about 100 of them) again, the automation also worked correctly, inputting the Outlook calendar Event ID onto every record bar the one on the top row (no worries, can live with that).

However, since then, when adding new records, either manually, through a test form, or through Stacker (as intended), the automation fails to add the Event ID into the correct field, and thus fails to write it to the Outlook calendar. I’ve tried changing the trigger from “When record is created” to “When record enters view” and still no difference.

I have no idea where I’m going wrong now… Have I hit a daily automation limit or something?

Any pointers would be much appreciated; my app is riding on this last thing!

Many thanks,


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Update for posterity from an idiot: seems the issue was in my automation, in the Attendees field, for which I was using multiple fields (event owner, and other supporting staff from a rollup). I had these divided in the automation with a semicolon, as if it were an actual Outlook calendar invite, but apparently the solution was just to use comma…

Mods, feel free to close this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Matt, happy to hear you found the fix.

I have the same use case, but a different problem - I have multiple-day events, but the calendar event only shows up on the start date. Do you know how to set the automation so that 1+ day events show properly in the calendar?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Martina,

I just tested a 3-day event to check, but it worked fine for me, so can’t recreate the error unfortunately.

I guess you definitely have both separate start date/time and end date/time dynamic fields in the automation?

Figured it out! I tried with dynamic fields in the automation and it worked but I wanted to have all-day events on the calendar. As soon as I configured all-day events as static, the problem reappeared. I only had two-day events (that appeared as one-day events on the calendar) so I tested three-day events and lo and behold, these appeared as two-day events on the calendar. So I just created another field that adds one day to the end day and added this field to automation and now all events seem to appear as they should the in the calendar. It’s a hack, but as they say, it ain’t stupid if it works.

Excellent, and not stupid at all! I’ll bear this in mind if I ever need to configure all day events :slightly_smiling_face: