Sample data in Automation doesn't get updated when text re-run - results in false testing errors

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I am quite hitting the limits of Airtable, 500 fields max, maximum 25 automations per base, 25 actions per automation, 30,000+ characters formulas … what else. So far I didn’t break anything in Airtable, so far so good. But I don’t much data, so I don’t mind my base is slow like a snail :winking_face:

Anyhow, did anybody notice an issue with Automations tests? I have 2 tables linked and 2 automations with total 50 conditional tasks. They are exactly same, copy of one each other, with slight differences. Yet, when I run the test in the Automation, one automation shows errors, the other one doesn’t. The second Automation was created as a copy from the first one and it was created later.

Both automations work fine and no issues. However, the first automation created earlier shows a sea of red exclamation errors saying The Record does not exist.

As I said, both automations work fine inspite of these errors showing.

For some strange reason - in Automations - Conditional actions - the Record ID selection box shows the list with the Airtable Record ID of a record that was already deleted.

From what I understand, the automation may be still showing sample data from the time when it was created and that sample data didn’t get updated. That specific record is not existent in any of the linked tables.

I haven’t reported the issues to support because I didn’t have time right now, I am glad the automation still works fine. if I see any issues I’ll send to support.



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