Overlapping automations- need them to add two values to target field.

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4 - Data Explorer

Running into an issue with automations. The command is if zip code contains x then update Region to x (Ex: If zip code contains "77033" then update Region field to say "Region 7") . Some zip codes overlap multiple regions. I set the Region field to allow multiple values thinking that would resolve any overlap issues. The problem is if I have 77033 in both Region 7 and Region 8, then I want the Region field to reflect both 7 and 8. As you can see in the screenshot I have created 7 total automations for each region and have listed the zipcodes for each of the 7 regions under each command. The command is failing for zip codes that are under multiple regions.Capture 2.PNGCapture.PNG

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@bryceran , from your use case, it sounds like the mapping of zip code to Region(s) is fixed.  Have you considered using a linked record, where the region is a multi-select.  Then when a new constituent zip code comes in, the region is looked up vs. calculated in an automation?