Parent Child relationship in 1 table: Data Needs to be combined in output table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am stuck.

I have a table that I upload a csv from my database

The table has records (all records have a unique GuestID) that are either the parent record (field name GuestAccountOwner is equal to true)

Or a child account where GuestAccountOwner is equal to false and GuestAccountID is equal to the GuestID of the parent record.

I am trying to output in a new table on one record for each parent, but combining data from both parent and child. So the record would have the ParentName, Parent Email, ParentPhone but on the same record there would be Child1Name, Child1DOB, Child2Name, Child2DOB. Based on the DOB of each child there would also be a Child1BirthMonth and Child1BirthYear, etc for each child as well.

Basically the automation has to go through and find the parent records, count the chidren and put it all on one line, I can either have all the fields ready with that naming convention or it can be added on the fly.

Is this possible?

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Hmm, doing this with a script would be quite straightforward.  Doing it with automations alone might be doable, but would take a fairly large amount of setup