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4 - Data Explorer

Good morning guys,

I need help with an automation for my base. I'm not an expert at all, everything that I already did, I figured out very slow and with a lot of help, but I can't figure out how to put this automation..... 🙂

So, I have a base for my company. We are exporting different products to other countries. Therefore I have an order and sales table, as well as business expenses. In all 3 tables I have business cycle that shows the month and the year - it is automatically updated when the purchase or sales date is added to the table. 
Now I have another table that I named business cycle. Here I want to get an overview of my cash flow - money that comes in and goes out every month. I created an automation to create on the first of each month a new business cycle.

Until here all good, now the problem:

Once I add to my purchase, sales or expenses table new data I want them automatically added to the business cycle table in the right business cycle.

Here are the fields I created:

1 - Business Cycle (formula field) it shows the month and the year 
2 - Month - date field
3 - Purchase orders - linked record - here I can add manually the orders from the purchases and all the following fields are working accordingly
4 - Business Cycle from Purchase - look up field
5 - Total price of all added purchases - roll up field

- same fields for sales, same field for expenses 

last field - the total profit taking into account sales, purchase and expenses

I want to automate that sales, purchases and expenses are automatically added in the right business cycle - that is the priority.

I also want to solve another problem. I want to see the total capital of the company. Meaning, the business cycles need to be summed up somehow. Any idea how I can solve this.

Thanks so much for your time and help 🙂

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