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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone, everything good? What a beautiful communication!
I work with content for social networks, I have worked with posting platforms and with platforms that connect platforms so that content is posted using modules, in this case, integomat , zapier.

So, for my airtable to be perfect, I would like to declare independence and run a script that posts on facebook, linkedin, instagram and google my business.

I didn't find anything similar on the internet that says that scripts can post, but chatGPT encourages me a lot with possible codes that can work. For example, in a code it gives me what I asked for, on the column that will be the caption, image, video or album. It delivers correctly, but the code does not work when I run the script.

If it's video, it takes the content in the video column.
if it is an image, it takes the content in the image column.
if it is an image carousel, it takes the content of column 1 to 10.
The captions in the "FB Caption" field
With looping every minute to check the conditions and post.

Anyone out there also want to declare independence to other platforms where airtable can do the same or better?

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