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Problems Inserting Hyperlinks in Automation Emails

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Hello, I’m trying to add a link to my automation, but nothing appears when I add the field even when using parenthesis. Could the fact that the url field/column is a formula link be the reason why the link does not appear in the automation?

Left is the column/url i’d like to pull in & the right window is the automation I am trying to set up. tyia!

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 11.48.58 PM

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Hi @Linna_Sim - what do you see when you generate a preview of the email? The fact the URL comes from a formula field doesn’t matter. Just checking - have you selected a record in the earlier part of the automation so that this part has data to work with?

Hi @JonathanBowen

Below is a screenshot of the record I tested. Except for the link field, all other fields do appear to function properly.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 12.21.02 AM

Did you retest your trigger first? If so, I would then remove those parentheses.

Or format the link as a markdown link.

Your submission link [here](formula-result-here)