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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

When using hubspot in past there was a great feature where, if you update to a certain value in a workflow, you’d be prompted to complete a range of other fields that need to be completed for that stage in the workflow (otherwise you couldn’t save the workflow status change).

I understand Airtable is designed differently, but I’d like to be able to achieve the same result.

E.g. Move ‘deal status’ to step 3 in the process >> prompts the user to input ‘reason for X’ field, and ‘next follow-up’.

Any thoughts here?

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You could create a View for that table where only those “follow-up” questions are visibile, then get the URL for that view with the relevant record ID at the end, and put that into a “Send Email” action step at the end of your Automation.

That way the Automation updates the “stage”, the reviewer gets an email with instructions to update the record, and the link they click on will only have those two fields focused.

Not perfect, but it should do. Otherwise you could incorporate a third party like MiniExtensions for generating links with finer control over fields to update.