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4 - Data Explorer

I'm evaluating Airtable and so far think it seems very well made. But I'm having trouble determining if I can do what I want to do. I feel like it is a fairly straightforward need but can't find the path. One note, I don't write any sort of code so it would need to be some sort of built in feature/process. I know I can do this by creating a alternate view, but I want to control access to the Volunteers base such that not all users who can see/edit the Members base can also see the Volunteers info.

So, I want to have one base called "All Club Members" that everyone can view/edit, with basic member info, and another called "Volunteers" with only a few users able to view/edit, where there would be deeper member info. In the All Members base I want a checkmark field such that if it is checked their record is automatically synced to the Volunteer base. Once synced to the Volunteers base, I'd want that record to have more columns than it had in the All Members base so I could add the additional information.

And if possible (buy I doubt this one) - if a checked member name in the All Members base is then unchecked, the record would be removed from the Volunteers base.

I have tried creating the check box, setting up an automation, run a test and that worked. But once I try to add an action (I tried "create a record") I get lost.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice on this.


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You could try using table syncing for this instead.  You'd create a view in your "All Club Members" base where you filter and display only records where the checkmark field field is checked, and then create a shared version of that view

In your "Volunteers" base, you'd then sync the previously mentioned table in, and you can add new fields to the synced view as well

When a record is unchecked in the "All Club Members" base it will be filtered out and thus would also be removed from the synced view in the "Volunteers" base

Thank you so much for the answer - seems like it will do the job.