Re: Recreate synced many-to-many table links based on csv text field of original record ids

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Goal:  Recreate many-to-many table links on synced records in the destination base based on csv text field of original source record ids


  • Have synced multiple related tables to another base (for reasons of access control, division of unrelated data. Overall syncing 6 of 25 tables to another base)
  • Several of the links are many to many
  • I have added record_ID to the source tables, and created formula fields that arrayjoin the linked records into a csv (comma separated) text field
  • I cannot use the primary name field because they are not unique
  • I cannot use the update records directly because I do not have the new destination record IDs for that csv list of source record ids
  • I cannot use the find records because it's not letting my search by each item.  This means that this problem would be trivial if I only had a 1 to many relationship and worked from the "1" side.

Potential Solution areas:

  • create "an array" accepted format of items in a formula field
  • convert csv text into an array in the automation. This would enable
    • using new "repeat for each" array feature to search for that record ID,
    • and return the new destination record ID,
    • and then use update records for each item to create the links
  • if I could somehow get a csv or array of the new destination record IDs
    • I could just jump straight to using update records.

Solution areas I am trying to avoid:

  • Integromat - although I am have built several automations in it. I want the low latency of airtable automations instantly linking things up.
  • Scripts or External Lambdas - trying to keep this simple


Thanks for the help!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast