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4 - Data Explorer

I have created a form, and am setting up an automation so that when someone submits the form (creates a record), my coworker receives an email notification with all the submitted fields. When inserting as “Render as HTML List,” I am unable to edit the order of the list. This results in the email my coworker receives looking confusing and out of order. I would like it to match the order in the form view, or the order of my fields/columns in a grid view. Can this be fixed, while maintaining the HTML list style? (It seems that the list is stuck as the order in which the fields were created… )

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Hi @Joe_Backe - in my tests, the order of the list seems to follow the field order in the primary view of the table. Field order on other views is ignored and the field order on the form is ignored, but the primary view seems to hold. (Note also that the order of fields in the list component is ignored too - this does seem to be based on field created date/time, but does not influence the order in the email)

Here is what I heard back from Support:

The order of the fields displayed in the ‘render with fields’ menu is the order the fields were created in (not the way they’re currently arranged in the table). This being the case, there’s no easy way to reorder the fields (shy of deleting them and creating them in the order you want – definitely not recommended if your table is already built out).

This was definitely a design choice – if having the order reflect a view in the table would be better for your workflow, let me know how and I can pass that along to our Product team! I can’t guarantee it’s something we’ll be able to change, but can at least make sure the feedback gets reviewed.

Does anyone know if there is an update to this? I cannot possibly delete and start again with my fields and my automated emails look like a mess without being unable to change the order…

I am also curious about the HTML list order. Can we make the order based on the order set in the view? That would make it so much easier.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to do, but let me take a crack. I use integromat for automation and the way we do it is by using a formula field to build out a markdown field (or HTML, markdown us usually just quicker and easier to human read for us).

So basically create an extra formula field and have it build what you’re trying to say.


” & {field one} & “

This is just some text I’ve added” & {field two}

Then you can pass this to your email and put all your fields into any order you want.

I think.

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6 - Interface Innovator

Oh. HTML formats to html on this. Ha.

Basically though you build your entire HTML dataset in an extra formula field. Format it how you like and away you go.

Any update on this? Seems really needed now that automations are becoming more and more powerful.

This is a helpful workaround, thank you

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

This is really quite an issue for me, anyone know if Airtable has made any updates to help?

I gave this a go and it’s returning the name of the field rather than the information in the field. I am 100% sure i’m doing it wrong… any further tips? :slightly_smiling_face:

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6 - Interface Innovator

Can you post the formula?