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I am still learning about airtable and currently developing a base with different tables. My objectives are as follows;

-Link contractors with projects -done through sync with source base which hosts the projects.

-Assign projects to contractors one project at a time-once a project is completed, the contractor should be available for reassignment and previous project assignment should be removed in their profile-This has been achieved partly, pending the part of deleting previous assigned project and transfering that to another field for reporting purposes(i.e if at any given time i want to see the number of projects executed by a specific contractor.)
-Once the contracter has been assigned a project, the contractor should not be available for any other assignment until the current assignment is completed-this has been done partialy, when project status is started, contractor status changes to engaged and to available when project status changes to executed. However, am not able to stop assignment of additional project once someone notices the contracter is engaged. Kindly advise



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Hm, if all of this is done via the table, it seems like toggling “Allow linking to multiple records” off for both of the linked fields would work? This would prevent users from assigning multiple contractors to a project and vice versa

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 12.41.51 PM

If this wouldn’t work, could you share more about the workflow?

Hi Adam, thanks for the reply. If i toggle it off, then i assume i wouldn’t be able to get projects list within contracters table for assignment

Hi Adam, I get your point, it actually works. Now wondering which automation would help me delete current project assigment after project completion before assigning that specific contractor another project

Not really deleting but transferring it to another field for reporting purposes, so that i can be able to tell the number of projects the contractor has engaged in after a certain duration

Hm, you could make an automation that triggers when the project’s status is “Complete” or some such, and make it update the record by clearing the assigned contractor field and adding that contractor to a “Completed by” linked field?

Hi Adam,

It didn’t work

I was thinking of: Condition when record is updated>Action create record but i’m getting an error, there is a disconnect somewhere. Any other suggestion kindly?

Hi Adam, how is the clearing acheived? which action should i trigger

You’d use the Update Record action and add the field you want to clear and leave it empty