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I’m surprised this isn’t an option. Is it for fool-proof reasons?

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My clients really need a delete action as well.

My guess is that, like you said, it is likely for fool-proof reasons. Airtable probably feels like it is too destructive to include, but I really feel like this is a necessary action to add.

Currently, we’d have to either script this through JavaScript, or for a no-code solution, Integromat supports record deletions. (Or if someone is stuck using the vastly inferior Zapier, On2Air: Actions adds delete functionality to Zapier.)

FYI, when I delete records with an automation Scripting action, it does not show up in my trash history. I’ve submitted this info to the feedback form on automations.

Oh wow, that’s really good to know. Thanks for reporting that issue!

I can confirm that deleting a record via the API or via Integromat does put the record into the trash, so it can be restored later.