Rerunning automations in their new state

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Hello Airtable community,

In my usage of Airtable, I extremely often find myself wanting to rerun failed automations after fixing some issues in scripts, but at the moment the rerun button only offers rerunning in the previous state of the automation.

And the suggestion in the support documentation doesn't apply to my case as this often happens in cases when the trigger is a webhook. And rerunning things then is quite complex and time consuming...

I'm therefore wondering whether anyone had insights on some upcoming option on Airtable automations to support rerunning using the new state of the automation, if others share the same troubles, or if the Airtable  team could share their viewpoint on that feature request.


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While being able to re-run an automation using the current configuration would be quite useful, usually I just re-trigger the automation. When the trigger is a webhook, you can just call the webhook again.

If calling the webhook from the original source is difficult, you can use a script to call the webhook. Since you have a script, you can also have the script console.log the webhook post data in JSON format to make it easy to reuse the original data when you call the webhook again.